reflections on our first visit to bolivia

Just a very overdue and quick update on my December trip to Bolivia:
My trip was an amazing experience.  My heart is overflowing – I am so full of respect for what the Hoffmans have done and are doing and AWE for what the Lord is doing through them.  It was incredible and eye-opening to see first hand what life was like for these precious children and what it is like NOW, with the dedicated work of these amazing people.
Consider how much you love your own children and then imagine them being left with no one to care for their basic needs, no one to get them the help they need if they were sick or hungry.  Pretty heartbreaking, right?  That’s the reality for many of these little guys in Bolivia.  They’ve been left, abandoned, or considered “worthless.”  But all it takes sometimes is one or two people who care.  One person willing to make the effort to get a child to the doctor, or to willingly cuddle a baby with HIV without being disgusted.

And then, with a few months of love and adequate medical care, this child gets HEALTHY, starts to laugh, starts to talk, walk, and smile – and suddenly becomes desirable and adoptable!

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